Rental Agreement

Laughing Bear Cabin Rental Agreement

pdf of Rental Agreement

(Required with all reservations. Must be signed and returned to address at the bottom of this page)

1) Please do not leave fires or candles unattended at any time. Keep hose near by or a bucket of water to douse the fire
in the fire pit when finished.

2) Please take EVERYTHING that you brought in and leave everything the way you found it. That includes the wood pegs (for doors) that go into their proper holes. Do not rearrange furniture. Theft, vandalism, and polluting of any kind will not be tolerated. Violators will be prosecuted and billed for any damage.

3) Please shower before entering Jacuzzi. Wear a swimsuit, no t-shirts or cut-offs. Make up, deodorant, hairspray, and the like will dirty the water and damage the filters. Use garden hose or a bucket of water to rinse feet before entering. Not following these instructions may cause a bacterial infection. Children under 7, pregnant women, and persons with high blood pressure are not allowed in Jacuzzi.

4) Please clean, contain, and secure food. Do not leave any waste outside. We do have bears and other critters that will get into anything that they can smell. Bag all linen and GARBAGE then place in laundry area before checkout.

5) Return key to the key-safe on the side of the cabin. You must repeat the combo before replacing and then you must place the bottom end in first and then press the top button in and it will snap shut.

6) If there is an emergency of any kind call 911. If there is a fire, leave immediately and call 911 from the neighbor’s house. Take notice of your fastest exit and discuss emergency plans with your group.

7) The proprietors of Laughing Bear Cabin are not responsible for any injuries and signing this form releases any liability.

8) Please note checkout means everyone; personal belongings, and vehicles are off the cabin property by 12:00pm on your checkout date.

9) Not following these policies may result in additional fees.

10) Please note Laughing Bear Cabin is located in a naturally rural area, under old growth forest canopy, power outages and water outages occur more often than in more populated areas. We don’t give refunds due to events caused by nature, however in the event we do supply you with reasonable items to make you more comfortable (bottled water, candles, and wood, etc.) The cabin does have a working wood cook- stove, that you are welcome to use after instruction (if needed).

11) Any questions? Don’t hesitate to call us at (503) 622-1572 or (503) 913-6069

Have a wonderful time and call again soon!!

Upon making a reservation full payment is due within 10 days or upon arrival (which ever occurs first). If not received in this time frame, the reservation may be lost to another client.


Check in Date: ________________________________ after 4pm

Check out Date: _______________________________ by 12pm

# Of persons staying: _________ (there is an extra $10/ additional person after 2 for the length of the stay)

Movie Choices to check out (can be circled on back) (see our web site list):

Specifications/special requests: _____________________________________________
(flowers & groceries at cost + 15% gratuity)

Make a notation on the back of this page for any special requests.

Choice for combo for key safe (4-7 #s no repeats): _______________________________

Print name: __________________________________________________________

Full Address: ________________________________________________________

Phone #s: -__________________________________________________________

E-mail: _____________________________________________________________

I.D. or DL#: -________________________________________________________

Vehicle plate #’s that will be parking (Max of 3 cars): _____________________________

Total for your stay: $_________________ Check [ ]#_____, Money Order [ ], Credit Card [ ], Cash [ ]

By signing this form I acknowledge that I have read and understood all of the above terms and regulations of Laughing Bear Log Cabin’s Rental Agreement.

Sign ____________________________________________________________ Date _______________

Mail contract with check payable to: Laughing Bear Cabin P.O. Box 105 Rhododendron Oregon 97049

Laughing Bear Log Cabin.
27132 E Marion Road Rhododendron, OR 97049
Your Hosts: Brad & Jewel Stockli Post Office Box 105 Rhododendron, Or 97049
(503)-622-1572 Cell: (503) 913-6069